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Brandi Charlot

St Jude Transparent Logo.png

2023 Competing Florist

Owner of Blucid Floral

Beginning as an event planner was the seed that blossomed Brandi Charlot, internationally certified and licensed floral designer into more than just a “flower lady”. Her stance like a stem, and her hands petal delicate to the touch is what has grown and nurtured her love for textures and floral art. 


“I love to leave those with an experience--a touch, a feel, something they can see. While event planning is where I started, becoming a florist showed me how beautifully flowers can change spaces.” 


She is the owner of Blucid Floral, the first black-owned flower shop and design bar in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, where the local cultural art and vibe welcomes you,  but the smell of the roses make you stay –- and promise to come back. 


“I am an artist and I can tell a story through flowers.” Brandi, an open book in life and in business, is planting faith into her vision, watching it grow and sharing it with others.


Brandi is a cascade of vibrancy, dimensions and expression—a true bouquet of her own all while being a mother of three who recently completed her Master’s Degree.

As a competing florist, we spend thousands of our own money and a week of our design and build time during the busiest season of the year. Your donation helps us create beautiful pieces so more and more attend this fundraising festival. Thank you for helping me reach my goal for St. Jude!

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