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Eric Fredricks

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2023 Competing Florist

I'm Eric Fredricks owner of Bee's Wedding and Event Designs located in Metairie, Louisiana. I'm celebrating my 40th year in business and 40 years with my wife Carolyn. Together we have built a thriving wedding and event design studio in Metairie. My designs over the years have been recognized in local and national magazines and I won the first Fan Favorite Award at Flower Fest 2021. This year I'm looking forward to bringing all the things I love most together for a beautiful display of flowers, birds and art all in one beautiful setting. My design will be inspired by artis Melchior de Hondecoeter. 


To see more of my designs you can visit


Hope to see everyone at The Flower Fest 2023.

As a competing florist, we spend thousands of our own money and a week of our design and build time during the busiest season of the year. Your donation helps us create beautiful pieces so more and more attend this fundraising festival. Thank you for helping me reach my goal for St. Jude!

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