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Introducing our inaugural 2023 honorees who are proud to help us raise funds

for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

If you would prefer to mail in a check please send it to:

The Flower Fest 14200 River Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70820 and memo it with your honoree's name.

Each honoree will be honored at our "Birds of a Feather" Gala Saturday Night April 1st 2023. 

Thank you for helping us raise funds to such a worthy cause.


To donate:

1. Find your honoree's name

2. Click their photo (which should take you to their bio)

3. Select Donate Now button

4. View cart

5. Increase donation increment by 20 by selecting the plus sign until you reach your desired total

6. Proceed to secure check out

7. The Flower Fest will email you a receipt of your donation

8. Should you wish to donate a considerable amount, email us to learn about sponsorships, tax deductions, etc

Ellen Ogden

Ellen Ogden

Ellen Ogden is a freelance artist and muralist from Baton Rouge. She built her mural and artistic craft through studying with master contemporary painters at LSU, New York Studio School, on exchange in New Zealand and Northern California, as well as years of experience working on large scale architectural stained glass with artisan Stephen Wilson, and designing and creating murals and signs across the country for Trader Joe’s. Ellen is a bringer of joy and whimsy to the lives of everyone who sees her work. Combining strong fine art techniques, an eye for beautiful typography and hand-lettering, nods to retro touches in both her lettering work and illustrations, and a strong sense of purpose, Ellen invites clients and viewers into a world where even a trip to the doctor or gym can become a beautiful and elevated visual experience. You may have seen her planting seeds of positivity with her COVID project “Reflect Love” on storefront windows across town. Her artwork is enriched by mountain biking, teaching and practicing yoga, traveling, libraries, collaborating with other artists, and her loving partner and family. She is ecstatic to have been invited to raise support and awareness for St. Jude Hospital collaborating with such an incredible group on an event that also celebrates artisanal craft and the natural world. 


    april 1st & 2nd

    birds of a feather

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